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Episode 44: You Don’t Hear It Coming Until You’re Already Dead

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Matt’s back on the bass, Ivy watches a plane do a barrel roll, and we discuss the catlike qualities we share. Also on this episode, we answer your burning questions, review the new album Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino by Arctic Monkeys, and play a BRAND NEW GAME called Double Album/Single Album where we cut down a famous double album to fit it on one LP. Our first victim: the Beatles’ self-titled (aka: The White Album). #notsponsored by Redbubble. This week’s outro music: “This Must Be The Depot”


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This week, we introduced our first round of the Double Album/Single Album game using the Beatles’ white album. Below you’ll find our lists of what songs we’d keep if we were limited to one LP. Head over to our Twitter this Friday to vote on whose list you think was best.