Midweek Top 5: Kingdom Hearts Games

At long last, I’m back with another midweek Top 5! (Hi, it’s Ivy). Because Matt’s only experience with this series is listening from the other room and referring to Ansem the Wise as “Christopher Lee,” I’m taking this as my only opportunity to rank my top 5 Kingdom Hearts games. So here goes.

5. 358/2 Days: I don’t care for the gameplay or mechanics that much, but you get to play as Roxas and learn more about his story and that’s everything to me.
4. Dream Drop Distance: Playing as Riku is a big plus, and there’s less overlap in what you do between Sora and Riku, so I like the way this 2 sided story is split up. Good climax/reveal that leads into KHIII. I don’t really care for the dream eaters and hated that the abilities were linked to them. Would have slowed me down if I had noticed before the final battles. Low-tier worlds that aren’t that cool.
3. KHIII: Up against tough expectations and I really enjoyed it. Great world design and huge places, though it’s easy to get lost. Beautiful graphics. New battle elements that made things interesting while still being largely based on KHII’s system. If you wanna cry, this one is it, but I think a little too much was done to cater to potential new players. The pace was a little slow as well.
2. Birth By Sleep: A prequel that still has surprises to discover, not obvious because they’re totally different characters. Good Disney worlds, likable trio of characters and good story. Decent battle mechanics that make each character different to play, and I like the link attacks. It’s a little tedious to play the same worlds with all 3 characters, but its an interesting concept that I dont dislike.
1. KHII: storytelling that ties things together, best gameplay with good controls/interface that aren’t too complicated, THE BEST SOUNDTRACK, lots of choices so you can play to your battle style (magic, melee, summons, limits, etc.), great selection of Disney worlds. My favorite video game of all time.
Anyone else have opinions? I will talk about Kingdom Hearts all day if you want to. Ok bye.

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