Episode 98: It’s Also Known As Furniture

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Matt teaches the youth of America, Ivy sees some weird ostriches, and we discuss the worst places to drive. Also on this episode, we review the new album Here Comes the Cowboy by Mac Demarco and play another round of Trivia Bonanza.


As always, thanks for tuning in. We put out new episodes every Monday, and we’re about to hit a big milestone. Send us your questions for our 100th episode extravaganza! You can send them to our email, social media, telephones, or even in a voice memo. Have fun with it!

One comment

  1. Totally agree with your review of Here Comes the Cowboy. He set such a high standard with his last albums this one just seems to fall flat, especially after how well This Old Dog seemed to blend his old sound and new direction.
    Also this is late but I forgot to mention that Matt was totally right and Chulahoma is the best from The Black Keys haha.


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