Episode 62: ‘Lectro-Jamz

On this episode of the episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Ivy doesn’t know what to wear, Matt sets a piano on fire, and we hit up some Halloween festivities. Also on this episode, we review the new album Art of Doubt by Metric and Recast the 1997 film Titanic.


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In this episode, we attempted to Recast the iconic movie Titanic. Tell us how we did by voting in our poll this Friday on Twitter. Find our lists below:

Character Ivy Matt
Jack Timothee Chalamet* Ansel Elgort
Rose Sophie Turner Dakota Fanning*
Cal Bill Skarsgard Domhnall Gleeson*
Molly Brown Octavia Spencer* Mila Kunis
Ruth Dewitt Buakter Gwyneth Paltrow Kate Winslet*
Captain Smith Tom Hanks Gary Oldman*
Thomas Andrews George Clooney* Adam Driver
Brock Lovett Bradley Cooper* Tom Hanks
Total 4 4

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