Episode 50: I’m A Weirdo and I Do Not Care

On this SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Ivy wins at Nickelodeon Instagram comments, Matt has a day full of mishaps, and Matt takes an impromptu Vine quiz to celebrate reaching the 50 episode milestone. Also on this episode, we review the album Jackson by Matt’s old college band Lake Philadelphia and rank the Top 5 “Sleeping Situation Cold Opens.” Thanks for helping us get to 50 episodes! This week’s outro music: “I Read That A Ghost Is”


Thanks so much for listening to episode 50! As always, please send us any questions or suggestions you have through email or our social media pages. Ivy’s dad requested more ending bloopers, and we’re granting his wish. Also, follow us on WordPress, through social media, or subscribe on iTunes or ShoutEngine for instant updates when our new episodes come out. See ya soon!

By Lauren’s suggestion and as tribute to 50 episodes, this week, we ranked our Top 5 Sleeping Situation “cold opens.” Below you’ll find our lists, and you can vote for which is your favorite on our Twitter this Friday.

Ivy Matt
  1. Ep 39 “Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday.”
  2. Ep 30 “There’s only two characters in that movie, and one of them is a volleyball.”
  3. Ep 6 “What comic character are you? – I’m the Spiderman but the one that’s in all the memes.”
  4. Ep 47 “Chevy Chase is missing? Send our a SWAT team. He’s old, save him.”
  5. Ep. 15 “Is David Bowie the Krampus?”
  1. Ep 43 “They’re all younger than me, but they’re all old enough.”
  2. Ep 15 “Is David Bowie the Krampus?”
  3. Ep 22 “You should, we should, you should”
  4. Ep 21 “All da-righty friends, and now for our final situation…”
  5. Ep 1 “That’s right kids, Kool-Aid.”

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