Month: August 2018

Episode 50: I’m A Weirdo and I Do Not Care

On this SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Ivy wins at Nickelodeon Instagram comments, Matt has a day full of mishaps, and Matt takes an impromptu Vine quiz to celebrate reaching the 50 episode milestone. Also on this episode, we review the album Jackson by Matt’s old college band Lake Philadelphia and rank the Top 5 “Sleeping Situation Cold Opens.” Thanks for helping us get to 50 episodes! This week’s outro music: “I Read That A Ghost Is”


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By Lauren’s suggestion and as tribute to 50 episodes, this week, we ranked our Top 5 Sleeping Situation “cold opens.” Below you’ll find our lists, and you can vote for which is your favorite on our Twitter this Friday.



Episode 49: The Bounce Has Gone From His Bungee

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Ivy takes Matt on a tandem bike ride, Matt buys VHS tapes in the year 2018, and we battle a bug. Also on this episode, we review the classic claymation Wallace and Gromit shorts (Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave) and rank the Top 5 Poptarts flavors of all time. Outro music: “Writer’s Block Party”


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This week, we put our Top 5 Poptart flavors head to head, and it was a pretty heated match-up. Check out our rankings below and head over to our Twitter on Friday to vote for whose list you think was best.