Episode 38: Semi-Sometimes

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Matt starts writing his memoir, Ivy gets the worst sunburn of her life, and we discover that we’re trapped in a Dickens novel. Also on this episode, we review the album Woodstock by Portugal. The Man and go head to head in a Recast of the underrated Disney classic Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


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This week, we put our Recast skills to the test to do justice for the Disney movie that deserves it the most: Atlantic: The Lost Empire. Below, you’ll find our individual cast lists. Head over to our Twitter on Friday to vote for whose list you think was best!

*=round winner, 1 point

**=same answer, 10 bonus points to both of us

Character Ivy Matt
Milo Thatch Andrew Garfield** Andrew Garfield**
Kida Zoe Kravitz* Lupita Nyong’o
Whitmore Stanley Tucci Dustin Hoffman*
King Samuel L. Jackson Sydney Pointier*
Helga Charlize Theron** Charlize Theron**
Dr. Sweet Terry Crews** Terry Crews**
Audrey Naya Rivera Michelle Rodriguez*
Vinny Adrien Brody** Adrien Brody**
Mole Russell Brand Jack Black*
Commander Rourke Tommy Lee Jones** Tommy Lee Jones**
Cookie David Koechner* Lewis Black
Mrs. Packard Anjelica Huston Helen Slayton-Hughes*

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