Episode 32: Year One, A.D.

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Ivy recounts her long history doing comedy, Matt envisions halfway-finished careers as a studio musician and a stand-up comic, and we discover just how old some of our furniture really is. Also on this episode, we review the classic Playstation 2 game Sly 2: Band of Thieves and put our lists together for the ultimate recast of the iconic movie Airplane!


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Below you’ll find our full recast list for Airplane! Vote for whose you like best this Friday on our Twitter!

* = winner of that round, one point

** = same answer, 10 bonus points to each of us

Character Ivy Matt
Ted Stryker Ryan Reynolds* Josh Radnor
Elaine Kristen Wiig* Jenna Fischer
Dr. Rumack Steve Martin Jeff Goldblum*
Captain Oveur Tom Hanks Bill Hader*
Captain Kramer Jon Hamm* Will Arnett
Steve McCroskey Allison Janney* Marc Maron
Johnny Henshaw-Jacobs David Cross Billy Eichner*
Roger Murdock Lebron James** Lebron James**
Victor Basta John Cho Edward Norton*
Ethel Merman as Lt. Hurwitz Liza Minnelli* Betty White

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