Episode 30: That’s Unpossible!

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Ivy makes a man cry, Matt continues The War of the Lunch Spots™, and we come to a shocking realization about a favorite childhood movie. Also on this episode, we review the Gary Gulman stand up special It’s About Time and recast the movie classic The Princess Bride (Inconceivable!).


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This week, we put together perhaps our most successful combined recast of all time for The Princess Bride. However, you can help us decide who wins the game! Check our our individual recast lists below and vote in our Twitter poll this Friday to let us know whose individual list was best!

*= winner of the round, earns 1 point

**= we chose the same person, 10 bonus points for each of us

Character Ivy Matt
Wesley Ryan Gosling* Chris Pine
Buttercup Blake Lively* Amy Adams
Inigo Montoya Diego Luna** Diego Luna**
Fezzik Dave Bautista The Rock*
Vizzini Danny Devito Steve Carrell*
Prince Humperdinck Christian Bale* James Franco
Six Fingered Man Willem Defoe* Adrien Brody
Grandchild Millie Bobby Brown* N/A
Grandfather Robert De Niro Rob Reiner*
Miracle Max Patton Oswalt* Aziz Ansari
Valerie Amy Poehler* Jenny Slate
The Albino Josh Gad Nelson Franklin*

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