Episode 25: The Tears of Interesting Old Men

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Matt doesn’t know how a calendar works, Ivy does not accept which Golden Girl she is, and we celebrate our Kittyversery. Also on this episode, we review the Jim Carrey classic The Truman Show and recast one of our favorite Disney movies, The Aristocats.


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This week, we Recasted Disney’s The Aristocats. Below, you’ll find our cast lists and who won the game. You’ll just have to listen to Episode 25 to figure out how that double casting is going to work. Head to our Twitter on Friday to vote for who had the best cast list!

*= the winner decided by us, earning 1 point  **= we gave the same answer, and were both awarded 10 points

Character Ivy Matt
Thomas O’Malley Bradley Cooper* George Clooney
Duchess Emily Blunt** Emily Blunt**
Berlioz Donald Glover* Jonah Hill
Marie Emma Stone Mindy Kaling*
Toulouse Ben Schwartz* Freddie Highmore
Roquefort Steve Carrell Michael J. Fox*
Lafayette Zach Galifianakis John C. Reilly*
Napoleon Simon Pegg Will Ferrell*
Abigail & Amelia Emma Thompson & Rebel Wilson Amy Poehler* & Tina Fey*
Uncle Waldo John C. Reilly* Steve Martin
Madame Adelaide Bonfamille Julie Andrews* Glenn Close
Edgar Ralph Fiennes Benedict Cumberbatch*
Georges Hautecourt Rowan Atkinson* John Cleese
Alley Cat Band The Roots** The Roots**

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