Episode 13: Bangers and Bops

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Matt is driven crazy by a Christmas song rotation, we learn what Ivy does in the bathtub, and we reveal that we’ve been living in a simulated reality all along. Also on this episode, we introduce a new mini segment called Questions Ivy Asks About the Cat, we review The 1975’s second album from a few years back, and we rank the Top 5 board games (rough definition).

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Below are the rankings from this week’s Top 5 list of board games. Watch for the #FridayPoll on Twitter to tell us whose list you think is best!

Ivy Matt
  1. Monopoly
  2. Scattergories
  3. Twister
  4. Trivial Pursuit
  5. Battleship

Honorable Mentions: The Game of Life, Scrabble

  1. Scattergories
  2. Pictionary
  3. Jenga
  4. Trivial Pursuit
  5. Scrabble

Honorable Mentions; Sub Search, The Farming Game, The Construction Game

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