Episode 9: Beware The Octopus

On this episode of the Sleeping Situation podcast, Matt sees as much jazz as a person can handle, Ivy’s car breaks forever, and Matt tells us the ridiculous thing he’d buy if he won the lottery. Also on this episode, we dissect the corny dialogue in the Sailor Moon anime, review our vacation to Nashville for the eclipse, and we play Recast 2.0 with A Goofy Movie because nostalgia always wins.


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Below are our full Recast lists for A Goofy Movie. Head over to our Twitter today to vote on who you think had the better cast.

**Denotes winner for that character

No points are awarded if we choose the same actor for one character.

Character Ivy Matt *Winner*
Goofy Jim Carrey Jim Carrey
Max Aziz Ansari Donald Glover**
PJ – **Jonah Hill** Josh Hutcherson Kenan Thompson
Pete John Goodman John Goodman
Roxanne Shailene Woodley** Anna Kendrick
Bobby Ezra Miller James Franco**
Bigfoot cameo John Cleese Dwayne Johnson**
Roxanne’s Friend Jenny Slate** Ellie Kemper
Powerline Bruno Mars Bruno Mars

Note: In hindsight, we decided that Nelson Franklin from New Girl would actually be the ultimate PJ. Time is the biggest enemy to the Recast game.

Note x2: After further research, we discovered that “Roxanne’s Friend” has a name. That name is Stacy. We apologize, but at least this movie does pass the Bechdel test.

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