Episode 1: Semi-Smallish Apartment

Welcome to the permanent internet home of the Sleeping Situation podcast! We’re Matt and Ivy, a twenty-something couple who have been dating long enough to have lived together for an entire year (take a look at our about page if you want a few more fun facts about us… or just listen to the podcast).

Today, we’re proud to bring you episode 1 of the Sleeping Situation podcast — an episode all about getting to know us and what we’ve been up to through the medium of awkward first date questions. Also on this episode, we review Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album, and Matt drinks Kool-Aid like Randy Savage. Baby Rey, our cat, makes a special guest appearance.


Take a listen right here, or find us on iTunes and click subscribe so that each and every one of our episodes is delivered straight to your device the MOMENT it’s available (because we’re positive you’ll be hanging on our every word). Remember, you can always send us suggestions for what to do next!


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